A little more on the purpose of this site

I was sort of inspired by blogs by Rik and Rob and Harry.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m already blogging. But for those of you who have known me for a long time at PFFA, I’m not blogging as Scavella. There’s been no Scavellic presence on the web outside of Everypoet. Until now.

So I’ve set up this place as a place to host stuff that relates to PFFA and poetry. From time to time I’ll post drafts of Lily poems here, but because I’m serious about publishing them on paper I won’t leave them here. I may work on the fragments of island poems that made their appearances during NaPoWriMo, however.

And what I have done so far is provide links to my favourite PFFA poems of all time. I’ve missed out a goodly number — I’ve been a member of PFFA for four and a half years after all — and I must hasten to say that these are personal picks, made on my own preferences rather than on merit. You’ll notice that I gravitate towards the work of certain poets and not to others. This is by no means indicative of the quality of any of the work I’ve chosen or ignored; it’s purely personal. I can explain why I like certain poems, and to do so might be instructive, but for now you’ll have to make do with the list.

I might also post links to established poems that I like, particularly those with a Caribbean/Bahamian bias. But all in good time. All in good time.



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