My synaesthesia & colour themes

So Heather asked:

I still can’t get past how neat this image is. It’s one of those things I would have love to have seen illustrated, complete with fading zeros, in a book when I was a kid. And now. Thank you.

What’s the predominating color theme?

So now you done it. I’m not sure there’s any colour theme per se. But I once tried to represent them in space, and have approximated that here. It’s really rough, because most of the colours are off, I’m using a grey background to show up most of the letters, and because I can’t do the light and shade part where they go through the rabbit hole.


5 thoughts on “My synaesthesia & colour themes

  1. Interesting stuff!

    I believe Nabokov had synaesthesia, too, and writes about it in his memoir ‘Speak Memory’.

    I do the something similar with my conception of time. Events are located on a very specifically shaped timeline, which is rather like a road winding through a hilly landscape up towards the present. The more things I know about a period, the more ‘peopled’, detailed and coloured the landscape in that area of the ‘road’ is; the less I know, the less detail and the grayer and foggier that part appears.

  2. Oh yes! I like the sound of that.

    I’ll describe my timeline(s) in another post. I have tried to begin to conceptualize them on paper/on the screen but it’s beyond me.

    I could talk about synaesthesia forever, much to the general irritation of my family and friends (who don’t seem to have it, except for my brother, who discovered that he had it when I described the colours of my vowels to him. His are the same, except my “O” is black; his is blue, and I don’t think his “U” has a colour).

    But I won’t.

    Not much, anyway.

  3. Here I go again with my “that’s so neat” thing. But it is!

    It’s like you’re viewing the letter’s perspective on where it is in relationship to its setting.

    Or that a camera is directing its focus on a particular letter.

    Thanks for posting the picture of your alphabet.

    I don’t really see a landscape, or much of anything representing a time progression for my conception of time. I group people and events into little time pockets or clusters and hold them there until I need to call something up. If I’m recalling some information on Henry VIII, I visually see him and other people and things that go along with him. But sometimes people and places of different time periods go pocket-hopping if they somehow relate to each other. Very messy.

  4. I think it’s really cool too! Do whole words have different colors than just individual letters? Does your synaesthesia affect the way you write? As in, do you ever try to line certain colors together? Because personally it would annoy me if I could see that colors in poems I wrote are totally random…it would detract from the prettiness of it. Of course, I suppose everything you read it like that. Anyway, synaesthesia sounds really cool. 🙂 (I can never resist smilies.)

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