And of course, Rik would put a spin on it.

Check back for the hobbits.

Five Weird Habits of Scavella:

I had to ask my husband. Of course I don’t think there’s anything weird about me at all. But:

5. I’m told that I can go for hours without speaking to my S.O., until the moment he is on the telephone. Then I ask him questions incessantly.

4. I eat seasoning out of my hand. My favourite is Montreal steak seasoning. Mm.

3. When I was a child, my favourite meal was a lettuce, mayonnaise, and raw onion sandwich on white store-bought bread. I’ve grown out of that.

2. I count my steps. If I’m going anywhere and I’m afraid I’ll bored getting there, I’ll count my steps. Or if I’m cycling, I count my cycles. I once knew how many steps it took me to get from my residence to my classes. No kidding.

1. I can’t go to sleep before I do a number of things, not necessarily in the same order. Chief among them is the straightening of the bed. (My S.O. works nights, so the bed is rarely made. I make it before I get in it.)

I’ll be back with my tagging of people. Watch this space.


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