The RikVerse

My copy arrived today.

I’ve skimmed through it. I originally ordered it not just to support Rik, though of course that had something to do with it, but because I wanted to have a copy of 22 Facets of My Father that I could call my own.

What I’ve found out, though, is that there are poems in here that Rik’s posted throughout our mutual careers at PFFA and that I’d forgotten, or hadn’t read closely enough, or certainly hadn’t critted. And I’m chuffed, because some of them are nowhere to be found on PFFA anymore.

Here are the ones I was glad to see:

Traveller (a sadomasochistic tour de force — no kidding)
Manhattan Flower (the first post-911 911 poem that I could actually read)

and one I don’t remember seeing in the workshop,

Culling a Dog in June

This is no critique, peeps. It’s a plug.

But it’s a sincere one.

The RikVerse, by Rik Roots. I got mine from


One thought on “The RikVerse

  1. Cheers, Scavella! I have a copy of it, too, and its wonderful. I highly recommend it. And what’s funny is that all the poems you listed are ones that struck a chord with me, too. Go figure.

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