The last two days at work

So I called my secretary on Tuesday morning — the last day of January — to tell her I was going to get my car license renewed on the way to work. There was no answer, which is unusual, as she gets in an hour early. I called again half an hour later, and an hour later (it took a long time to get the paperwork ready for the car) and there was still no answer. Finally I reached a senior manager who told me that the entire population of the building (our office is only one floor of the building) was outside in the parking lot, as union representatives had advised all employees to vacate.


Our building is creating a mould empire.

It’s a long story. The mould has been growing here since we moved in two years ago, and management has finally decided to move on it. It wasn’t the mould that caused the crisis, by the way, but the chemicals being used to clean it up. People had fairly extreme reactions to it — if you believe everything you hear, which I usually make a practice to avoid — but it’s only now that the building was vacated. Anyway, they brought in experts to test the quality of the environment, and after being relocated for two days we are now back in office.

It was an exciting two days, let me tell you.


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