Collecting ideas for NaPoWriMo

ME Hope’s collecting her ideas in a folder on her desktop. I think I’ll collect my ideas here. Maybe if I have enough ideas, I’ll get more than the seven poems I wrote last year.

Thirty, though? The mind wobbles.

Idea #1:
Grand Bahama – windswept, but greening.
The airport terminal, flooded and festering – gone
Bus met us at plane
International vs domestic arrivals
Pine and top

Idea #2:
The Lunatic Boxer Fights a Tree in the Middle of Morning Traffic
This one I actually saw on my way to work on Friday (yesterday)

Idea #3:
Making the Rounds at the National Museum

And some Lilies (just ideas, just ideas, no clue what they’ll turn into):

The Sisters Pray for Lily’s Relief
The Psychiatrist Marries Lily’s Daughter
The Jezebel Welcomes Lily Home
The Stepfather Leaves Lily Land
The Grandchildren Loosen Lily’s Laugh
The Elders Honour Lily’s Faith
The Sexton Buries Lily’s Child
The Grocer Offers Lily a Ring
The Englishwoman Mourns Lily’s Son
The Undertaker Removes Lily’s Daughter

Stop me, for the love of God.


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