Catching up!

Been travelling, and much of the travelling has either been out of range of the internet (yes, those places do still exist!) or out of range of the computer.

For those who don’t know, I’m continuing to NaPoWri until I’ve got thirty poems or things masquerading as poems.

Here are the latest contributions (sans Lily, who has her own page, thanks to Rachel Lindley):

May 4:

Poem #21: Exuma (a fragment)

Exuma threads a chain of dull green cays
along the bosom of the shallow sea.

The islands skid in handfuls on the blue;
the ocean lights the islands from below.

May 2

Poem # 20: Poemette

Here is the beauty: a length of leg, a turn
of head, the way a face tilts to the sun
with eyes half shut and lips aslant, at rest.
This is loveliness at work: the best
features in the best arrangement, alive
with blood, with ancestry, the future, love.

May 1

Poem #19: A Fragment, Flying Southwards

The lake is a puzzle of islands: the dark green of mangrove,
the motley of water. Our ascent through cloud
brings us into the freshness of newly thinned sky.
We watch our path along the seabed, our shadow
racing fishlike below us. We see
every shoal in the sea.

More on the way.


2 thoughts on “Catching up!

  1. Fragments these may be, but they’re remarkably assured for material generated to order, as it were. I like ‘This is loveliness at work…’, ‘The lake is a puzzle of islands’, ‘…the motley of water’. Much promise there for developed work.

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