All Quiet on the Southern Front

Well, not really. I just thought I’d mock up a post that explained to some small extent why there’ve been no posts for the past week.

Well, know this first of all: Bahamian Independence falls on July 10. Know this second: we live in the shadow of the USA and American Independence falls (for those four of you in the world who do not know) on the Fourth of July. As a result, Bahamian Independence has been given plenty of attention by the government so that its Bahamian citizens don’t get any more mixed up than they already are and think that they are Americans.

Know this third: I work for the Bahamian government. I work very closely with the departments that deal with national events.

As a result, holidays are usually hell for me. Christmas and New Year’s are non-existent. Well, OK, Christmas isn’t, really, because I refuse to let last-minute preparations for Boxing Day drag me away from my family obligations (though that may make me a Bad Employee). Independence and the week that precedes it is equally difficult. Fulfilling, but difficult.

So this week I’ve been trouble-shooter, scolder, comforter, problem-solver, problem-finder, and (ugh) co-treasurer.

I am beginning to feel it.

So the blog has been quiet. My life has not.


3 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Southern Front

  1. time for a good massage from the hubby. either that, or a few drinks at the end of the day, or maybe a few primal screams into a pillow. heh. seems everyone has gotten really busy lately, me included. ah well, try to go with the flow and think of the times when you’ve been so bored you could spit, or twirl a cat. *wink*

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