Eating Meat

Last night, for reasons I don’t particularly want to divulge, hubby and I went out for dinner. I wanted to sink my teeth into some red meat, and so I ordered some. As I ate it (it was delicious, done perfectly, exquisitely seasoned, and finished off with gorgonzola — a heart attack in every bite) I found myself thinking about this thread over at PFFA.

But I must say this. That as I chewed the meat — which melted rather in my mouth, and which was absolutely divine — I thought, in a most wayward fashion, how good those antibiotics and steroids tasted between the lips.



3 thoughts on “Eating Meat

  1. heh. mmmmmm, red meat seared to perfection. gotta have it once in awhile at least! now I want to go and barbecue a nice, 1″ thick t-bone for dinner, and wash it down with a few glasses of a good Sauvignon.

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