I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to expand my list of favourite poems posted on PFFA to include Rob’s latest, which he’s posted here, in High. So it’s rough. Who the hell cares? It’s right, it rings, and when it’s finished it’s going to have weight and impact.

Well done, Rob.

In fact, I’m going to plug Rob’s whole blog today. Sometimes it’s too serious and deep for my passing purposes (did I ever tell you that I’m bloody busy?) and I glance and move on, but it’s a damn good poetry blog, and that’s not just because he’s discovered the wonders of this particular Blogger template (and rats, I was considering changing mine to the blue version, but am not enough of a copycat to do so now), and worth the hits.

I specially like the little poem about the hand, here. Click quick, because he takes his poetry down fast.

EDIT: The poem’s gone now — no point in clicking on that link anymore.


2 thoughts on “Kristallnacht

  1. Thanks!

    My posts have become (too) long ever since I started reviewing that late-modernist anthology. I’m going to try to shorten the remaining reviews, partly in the interests of finishing the job in time (before I have to take the book back to the library).

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