Well if you want a cliché title, that’s it. Summertime, and the livin’ is easy — not. Not that it isn’t easy, but around here, summer’s the nasty season.

Unless you’re a schoolkid, of course.

Summer in Nassau is hot and muggy and (this year, finally) rainy. We are having a lovely wet summer, and things are as they should be. Today was thundery, and I was happy I married a man who must live in air conditioning (we don’t talk about what he would do if he’d been born 100 years ago. I suppose what we don’t know doesn’t hurt us.). For some reason I shan’t do too much to discover, the electricity went off twice today — once for an unusually long time (two hours or so) and then again briefly. When it goes off, of course the internet cable hook-up goes too. Sometimes the power cut is localized which means that if we crank up the generator (a recent purchase, the fruit of three hurricanes and too many weeks without power) we can get back online. Today, though, the power seemed to have been turned off all over the island, with the result that the internet nodes were down.

So I’m sitting here, surfing the net, half thinking about poetry and killing mosquitoes. I have become quite accomplished at the last task. I can kill them with one clap, usually — especially when they hover against a bright background. I have blood all over my hands.


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