Just when I was thinking I need to blog more …

Along comes this post suggesting that today’s bloggers should be blogging less.

Course, the focus of that article is blogs for marketing purposes. But much of what it claims rings true; it’s the rare frequent poster that keeps my attention all the time. And it’s true that I keep track of the blogs I frequent by RSS feeds; if you don’t have a feed, I’m not going to be checking all that often. I don’t have the time.

And I prefer blogs that give me something to think about. Links are cool, but all too often you see one, you see ’em all.


4 thoughts on “Just when I was thinking I need to blog more …

  1. I enjoy the discipline of attempting a daily post. I would have thought that any risk to a regular readership is going to come more from multiple 1,000-word posts on hobby-horse topics than simply quotidian entries.

  2. Heh. You have a point there. From the point of view of the writer, the discipline of posting daily can be useful (but not for me, since I’m ridiculously overcommitted in my offline life).

    Speaking as a reader, though, I look for specific things in a blog. I’m not so turned on by links. If you’re going to post links, do them the way Harry does: by finding damn interesting stuff and sending people to weird and wonderful places that punch holes in the brain. Otherwise, though, linky blogs don’t turn me on. I’m a little more interested in commentaries on other people’s thoughts; though I disagree with 90% of what he says, I read Alan Sullivan’s blog because he does this so very well. So if you’re going to link to something you read, I’d like to know what you thought about it. But I love the occasional meaty post as well — your piece on teenage sex was one of those, and Hedgie’s picking of obscure but wonderful poets is another. I’ve already said that Rob’s commentaries on the poets he’s reading were a bit beyond me — but I do prefer that sort of blog to something that updates every day, or several times a day. One day I’ll go into Rob’s archives and read his commentaries. There are exceptions, though; with Books, Inq. and Julie’s blog, I’m hooked. And they update almost hourly.

    (I’m hooked on Julie’s because I like her poetry.)

    And of course the article was discussing blogs in marketing anyway, which may be quite different.

    Thanks for dropping by, Dick.

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