OK, so I disappeared again

but I’m right here, really.

So enough of that heavy stuff. Here’s the clue to what happens when I disappear:


Work hard.

Doing stuff that seems important while it’s being done.

People who have hung around this blog for a good while may remember that round about February/March I was looking for a new office space for myself and my staff. Well, we found it. It’s a very nice space indeed, located in a nice historic building with nice thick concrete walls (not sheetrock — bleugh, a pox on the inventor, ptui, ptui — which seems to be mould’s favourite food). We have Been Moving for the past month, and every weekend finds me at the office, which is a very nice office, with pale yellow walls and burgandy furniture, very cheerful indeed. The first time was unpacking time, time for me to fill my brand-new filing cabinet with not-so-new files. (I work for government, so expect a lot of these.) My office has been getting stuff incrementally. First it was furniture. Last week it was telephones. The internet is not yet in place, but we live in hope.

So that’s where I am when I’m not posting here.

Now you know.


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