One reason why I read Alan Sullivan’s blog

There’s a whole discussion that went on in the blogosphere inspired by stuff posted by this guy, a poet, and his poetry and his politics. Much of it was started by a poem he posted over on Eratosphere, a summary of which discussion is provided here, by Sullivan himself.

Well, I happen to disagree with 90% of his politics, and I like maybe 50% of his poetry, but I do subscribe to his blog. Here’s why.

Alan and I do have one thing in common: we’re cyclone freaks. I’m not as obsessed as he is, probably because I don’t have the same kind of time on my hands, and because I’m not a sailor and so see things from the rooted perspective of the island, not the fluid perspective of the boat that’s always potentially moving. And so here’s what he has to say on Hurricane Ernesto:

Hurricane Ernesto remained small and its central pressure had not dropped at 11 AM. What is holding this storm back? There is some land interaction, but I think distant weather systems are having a greater influence. I’m watching an upper low on the vapor loop. It’s located over the Atlantic, between Bermuda and the Greater Antilles, and it’s drifting southwest — a course that is causing it to interact with the outflow from Ernesto. That interaction appears to be strengthening the low. As a result, upper northeasterlies are slingshooting back toward the Bahamas.


His other stuff on hurricanes is here.


6 thoughts on “One reason why I read Alan Sullivan’s blog

  1. Here’s today’s found poem without linebreaks — he doesn’t have a bone in his tongue, for sure:

    “I just checked the status of our tropical storm. It’s resisting shear and sustaining intense convection just east of its circulation center. […]

    Warmth runs deep in the waters of the western Caribbean. Explosive intensification is common there.”

    This site looks very elegant, but one wonders why there has to be more than one. Good luck with it, notwithstanding.

  2. Student? I took a look at your blog. I can see why you might have found some of my content scary. You’re not as brave as Scavella.

    If you plan to remarry, don’t wait till 2010, fer chrissakes. Think of the boy.

  3. “This site looks very elegant, but one wonders why there has to be more than one. Good luck with it, notwithstanding.”

    Student, I’m assuming you’re talking about the WordPress site? This one?

    If so, thanks.

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