Things that make you go “hmmm…”

It’s easier to add images to Blogger than to here.



4 thoughts on “Things that make you go “hmmm…”

  1. Safari doesn’t play nicely with the WYSIWYG editor on WordPress. If you use Firefox it gets a bit easier. You can upload images and then drag and drop them into your post.

    I’m so used to just typing in the html that I don’t think about it anymore.

  2. Yes. I now use Safari to browse everything and Firefox to post stuff.

    The other drawback about is that the templates are only partly customizable. In other words, you can tweak the CSS to your heart’s content but it doesn’t become publicly viewable until you buys credit to give you that privilege.

    Of course, the basic membership provides more features for the user than Blogger — categories, sidebar widgets (customizable sidebars that don’t require any special knowledge of code), the ability in some themes to change basic other stuff.

    I have yet to master enough code to make my own templates. The three-column thing had me totally stumped on my own pages for far too long, and I’ve only half mastered it even now.

    You use the html editor, I suppose?

  3. Yup. Safari is my browser of choice for the way it handles RSS and the fact it plays nicely with Keychain, and I’m willing to put up with typing out the html. I can’t see that using the editing buttons is much quicker, and I use the preview function to check what it looks like.

    It is annoying that Safari’s java implementation seems to be dodgy, though. There are quite a few sites that don’t seem to work properly in Safari. I do actually have a account, because at one point you needed it to use Akismet. So I have played with the interface. I really like having it all on my own server space, though, so I can mess around with it to my heart’s content.

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