Sevenling: Rock Star

She fed me rocks for dinner,
grit for breakfast,
bitter gall to wash them down.

I spat pebbles out one by one,
washed them in vinegar,
dirtied them brown.

I sewed them in a belt and watched her drown.


5 thoughts on “Sevenling: Rock Star

  1. Very interesting.

    I would be happy to provide some critique on it to the best of my ability if I could get into the pffa (I’m assuming that you are the same Scavella who is a moderator there?)

    I’ve tried a number of methods of communication and so far no luck. You guys have some sort of problem with your registration image. It refuses to load, and thus offers registrants no ability to prove that they aren’t spambots. I’ve asked several people to take a look at it, and they all agree that the problem appears to be with the site, and not with our computers or anything we have done.

    Please! I’m begging you. I live in a geographical area where good critique is hard to come by unless you are in a class. So many of these sites online offer nothing but ego fluffing. I don’t want that. I want to improve as a poet.

    I know you guys probably get truckloads of email every day, so I’m not suprised that I haven’t yet heard anything back from you.

    Thank you for hearing me out..

    future hopeful member of the PFFA

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