What I did at CARIFESTA IX

A bunch of stuff, to tell the truth, but none of it had much to do with writing.

There was just so much to do. And for a person who writes plays as well as poems, and who loves dance and concerts as well as poems, there was too much to choose from.

It didn’t help that the advertised book fair was well-nigh impossible to locate until half-way through the festival, at which time all the great concerts and shows occurred as well. So I missed every reading, including (to my chagrin) the reading featuring Great Names — Austin Clarke and Earl Lovelace among them.

The poetry was largely Spoken Word, and even that seemed to be limited to Rapso, the Trini incarnation of rap. I did catch the revival of Lovelace’s play The New Hardware Store at the famous Little Carib Theatre, though I missed the Trini signal event, Monument.


One thought on “What I did at CARIFESTA IX

  1. The daily list of events was huge and incredible; there’s no possible way anyone could see more than a very small fraction of what’s going on on a daily basis. I have the feeling I’d dither myself into catatonia just trying to choose. This whole festival is just amazing.

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