Hot Jee!

For some reason, I tend to fall for the stuff Jee posts in the C&Cs, like this poem.

Makes me want to ask the question: why do accomplished writers choose to post where they post? Why would Jee post this poem, which feels fresh, and right, and nearly done to me, in a forum that’s designed for poems that still need work?

Anyway. Here’s to “The Wooden Doors“, which feels anything but wooden, and here’s my favourite part:

……………………………………………………the flesh
tastes so much like mercy on the tongue,
round, hard and bland until saliva salts
and softens it, the wafer always tastes of us.



4 thoughts on “Hot Jee!

  1. If I posted at pffa, I would tend to C&C since I don’t like the style of the higher forums. That sort of hyperattentive dissection isn’t necessarily valuable, especially if you know that a poem is close–and most especially when you don’t want to crit in that style yourself.

  2. I don’t post to the higher forums because I don’t want to get involved in the detailed crit-that-turn-into-essays obligations. Most of the poems I’ve workshopped on pffa this year have been posted to the Love Forum which, being one of the chaos forums, is on an even lower rung than the C&C forum(s)!

  3. There is something faintly exhausting about the higher forums. Maybe that’s why I’m avoiding putting anything out there at all, irrelevant of my Charon’s commitment.

    It’s weird, I’m so highly tuned into over-attentive criticism after almost a year on the boards that I go to my poetry class and have to spend most of the session biting my tongue to stop myself from annihilating some poor person’s poem. I think that you should never be made to deal with much more than you signed up for. I want my work destroyed but most people need some smiley faces as well.

    This comment has nothing to do with Jee’s poem and everything to do with my worry about appropriate criticism, I’m sorry.


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