Three Themes

This one’s called White as Milk, and is nice and clean.


This one’s called PressRow, and is a bit bolder. I like the image-at-the-top option.


This one blends the cleanness of the first and the image of the second and is really tempting me. It’s Cutline.


If anybody’s out there, I’d appreciate feedback!

Oh, and, it just got easier to upload pix to this blog. So that’s one obstacle removed, anyway.


2 thoughts on “Three Themes

  1. The samples are all so small it’s hard to tell. However, based on what I was able to make out, I liked “Pressrow” the least, based on the font style (hey, I gotta pick something, right?). I liked the cleanness and clarity of “White as MIlk,” but thought “Cutline” was good too, particularly if you wanted the toploaded image capability.

    And that’s the way it is tonight.


  2. Yes, they are small.

    I can reproportion them and upload them again, so that they can be bigger. They are linked to the full-sized image.

    I rather like the image at the top. Perhaps when I work out how to include the Neocounter on WordPress I’ll make the switch, but that probably won’t be right now.

    Thanks for the feedback, H.

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