Cold Snap/Snap Decision

I was planning to write a post about how the weather is changing, to mirror the one that I wrote in March, but November interfered and NaNo and travelling took over my life.

And when I got back from vacation, winter was here.

We were in New York and London, where it was warm for November. Last night it got as cold as it was in New York, with temperatures down into the 40s. Bahamian houses are not designed to keep heat in, so I imagine it was an uncomfortable night for some people; I imagine that for others, though, it was an amorous night. My mother’s family has many people in it who were born in August — products of the first cold snap. I imagine there’ll be a goodly number next year too.

And here’s the snap decision, not so snappy: I’m thinking I’ll switch over to WordPress by the end of the year. Keeping up two blogs is difficult, and if I’m going to upgrade, I’ll do it at WordPress rather than at Blogger.

My mind is 90% made up. If you want to make an impact on the other 10%, now’s the time. Otherwise, bookmark the other blog.


4 thoughts on “Cold Snap/Snap Decision

  1. Seven to eight Celsius.

    I’m peculiar because I don’t know what hot temperatures feel like in Celsius and I don’t know what cold ones feel like in Farenheit. Comes of living in two different temperature zones. All my post-secondary schooling took place in Canada and Britain and so I know quite well what -20 degrees C feels like as well as what 16 degrees C feels like (no clue what -20C would be in Farenheit). But while I can imagine it, I have no idea what 96 degrees F translates to in Celsues (30-ish I imagine?), though I know quite well that that feels like.

    Temperatures in the 40s (F) are relatively uncommon. Most winters have lows in the 50s (F) (around 11-13 C I imagine) and highs around 76-80 F (16-18 C I imagine).

    Well, enough pedantry for one day.


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