See, I wouldn’t do this for anybody else, but this meme came from home (Home, Bahamas), from zonk, and so I’ll succumb. I was tagged on my moribund livejournal blog, which is very near to being made redundant, so I directed people here.

So here goes.

1. When I was seven I started a series of adventure novels about a group of teenagers called the Tremendous Ten. I created their books out of a large sketch-pad () by folding it four times so that I had books that were 32 pages long. Then I drew the covers of the books and illustrated them. I imagine that was the way I outlined in those days. Nancy Drew meets Secret Seven. I kept writing those books until I was about twelve (that was the last time I remember writing them), though I graduated to making them out of 8 1/2 x 11 typing paper folded over and stapled down the side. I always illustrated them first, and then hoped to finish the stories later. The first book, which introduced the characters, was a kidnapping caper. The heroine, who was rich and spoiled and thoroughly unlikeable (and telling the story in the first-person singular too) was kidnapped and rescued by the down-to-earth po’ boy who’d just been ridiculed for getting a scholarship to attend her swanky school.

Oh, and. Most of the main characters were white. When I was seven, I had yet to see a main character in anything who wasn’t.

Fat Albert was a few years down the road.

2. I grew up communicating with alter egos. These were not the same as imaginary friends, because I turned into them when I went to sleep, or when I imagined myself having a different life from the one I was already in. The first one, and my favourite, was a tall tough guy. You must forgive me; I met him when I was, oh, five or so. He hung around until I got to high school, but he left me when I got my first boyfriend.

3. I wanted to be a horsewoman and own a stable. I talked my way into riding lessons when I was 11 and fell in love with two ponies at the stables I rode at: a bay mare (an inveterate kicker) and a tough-minded dun. Two years later, when the dun was up for adoption, I wanted to adopt him. My father wouldn’t let me; he was looking ahead, and worried about burying him when he died. I never adopted my pony. I no longer ride.

I’d like to, though.

4. When I was 12 I started another series of novels, a trilogy. These were fantasy novels, set somewhere imaginary, or in the future, at a time of war. The story was told from three different perspectives, the perspectives of three different individuals from three different parts of the empire (there are always empires in these things). I kept writing that throughout high school and finally stopped when I went to university.

5. I like onions. I really, really like onions. Always have. When I was very small (5, 6) my favourite sandwich was made of white bread (the local equivalent of Wonder Bread), mayonnaise (had to be Hellman’s), iceberg lettuce, and onions.

Lettuce and onion sandwiches. Yum.

So now. I shall pass this on, as I’m supposed to. Let’s see:

Hedgie (this I really want to see)


5 thoughts on “Memed!

  1. You never told me about this blog :p

    It seems to me that there’s something intrinsically Freudian about the fact that your childhood favorite sandwich was like your Tremendous Ten heroes, mostly white, O.o…

    btw, check out the new Poetry section on AW, it’s been completely revamped since Poetinahat took over as the Mod.

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