How to bring this blog to life again

Maybe I need to post some information on the progress of the novels.

Here’s what I said on NaNoWriMo a day or so ago, discussing a mini-block:

Before I started writing this morning, I was totally lost, that the novel was floundering because, though I should be moving towards the high point, more and more suspects just keep popping up their heads and waving their hands and saying “See me here!” And when I was writing that I was 3000+ words behind.

But I sat down and started to write. Not all of it was good, I promise you. A lot of it was repetition — I’d done the same thing before, earlier in the week, But as I wrote, something happened. I found out who the murderer was! And it came to me so naturally it was as though I really and truly was solving the mystery myself.

I think this ending is going to be better (messier, for sure, but better) than the ending of Night Into Day, where I knew all along who the murderer was but where I cannot for the life of me figure out yet why he murdered two people the way he did. That book is going to take work — and it was the favourite of the three, if you can imagine. So, of course, will this one; but though I liked this one least, it has come off best so far.


NaNoWriMo is the best thing I know for breaking writer’s block. The need to write almost 2000 words a day overcomes all obstacles, from lack of inspiration to the writing of complete dreck. Dreck can always be deleted. The point is to write.

So maybe I’ll start writing about writing. I know this is boring. I’ll try to keep it a little lively.

Broke 40,000 today. I would like to break 42,000, as I have only 5 days left to write and I want to take some of the pressure off later.

Well, there it is.


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