Poem of the Week

An optimistic title, if ever I saw one.

I made a page for poetry, as you can see from the tabs above (one of the reasons I switched to wordpress).  My idea, muddled as it is, is from time to time to post a poem in progress — yes, one of mine — for people to see it in its various states of undress and to watch and contribute to the process.  At PFFA we watch the process but poets and critters don’t, for various reasons, engage in long-term discussions of intent, etc.  That’s find for the forums, but sometimes it isn’t enough.  So I’ll be willing to put up poems from time to time to engage in that kind of process.

Comments are enabled on the page, so feel free to jump in.

6 thoughts on “Poem of the Week

  1. Yeah, that’s optimistic, all right. It’s hard to imagine you’ll get much of value from the types of comments you’re likely to attract, but it would be fascinating to watch if (instead of doing what you think is right) you tried to take every bit of advice that’s offered and then posted the revisions each time.

    Now that would be fun! Just imagine the mess we could all make!

  2. Ur, um, uh — over on your jprose site (which doesn’t seem to have comment capability or I would have posted this there), your synopses of “Book No. 2” and “Book No. 3” sound rather similar; are you really going to try to get two novels out of the same concept, or is there a wee error in there somewheres?

  3. *ahem* … trust you to notice …

    Wee mistakee there, Hedgester. Book No. 2 is completely different. I was miscopying. It shall be fixed immediately.


  4. I like the idea of showing poems-in-progress. I’ve done a tiny bit of that in the past, but since I didn’t have a separate page I figured I would bore the pants off the unsuspecting non-poetry readers.

  5. Thanks, Jools.

    I started it back on the Blogspot Blogsphere but stopped (a) because it took a long time to explain the process and (b) because I thought it might bore the pants off non-suspecting poetry readers.

    Here, though there’s room to develop. I haven’t returned to that poem for years because I’m afraid to. I simply collected the comments from Mercivanced and let it stew.

    It hasn’t come to anything, though; it’s still pretty raw, I’m afraid.

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