Poem of the Week

I’m thinking now about how to select these.  They are all going to be poems-in-progress, of course.  The first one — “Henrietta Marie” — is in the early-draft stage, which means that it hasn’t undergone its first structural rewrite, which is where I play around with everything except the underlying concept or theme.  Not every poem goes through one of these, but most of mine do; I can’t think of many that haven’t.  Some go through them far more than once.  There are others.  One of course is “Preacher Man”, which is in its sixth or seventh structural rewrite, and nearing (I believe) the time when it needs to be left alone for good; while underwriting is bad, excessive tinkering can whittle away the core and leave nothing but sawdust behind.

(Poems are like carvings in that respect.  Unlike carvings, though, you can reconstruct a poem.  There are some good things to working in a medium that is almost entirely abstract until you print it on a page.)

The next one I’m thinking about, though, is raw, raw, raw.  It’s in almost its very first state.  I think I cleaned up the typos.  It’s one of the NaPo put-aways, and so I haven’t even decided whether to keep it or not.  Perhpas posting it will help me make up my mind.  Or perhaps the fact that I plan to post it shows I already have.  Made up my mind, that is.


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