The end of the year

Everywhere I look in the cosmoblog, people are posting posts that reflect on the year that has gone before or on the year to come.  There’s Rob’s, there’s Hedgie’s, there’s Alan’s, there’re Frank’s links, there’s Harry’s, there’s Smoog’s (!), there’s oh dear heaven, so many many retrospectives.

I’m not ga do one.

Instead, I’ll ridicule this story.  And I quote:

Harry Potter’s arch enemy, Lord Voldemort, is odds-on favourite to kill off the boy wizard in the final instalment of the series. …  A William Hill spokesman said: “… the general consensus seems to be that Harry is the final Horcrux and to ensure that Voldemort dies he will need to be sacrificed.”

It’s got to be a publicity stunt.  No writer in her right mind would end a series like the Potter series like that.

Harry Potter’s all about redemption.  So somebody good is going to die.  I won’t predict now, not until the release of the book is imminent, but I know who I’d kill off if I were Rowling.  And it wouldn’t be Harry.  The hero has to live.  It could; but this is a series of book for children, so the hero will live, though not unchanged.

Not much ridicule, but there it is.


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