I’ve had a mind to blog about this for a while now. Alan, you’re Alan, but I’m not sure whether you quite understand why this statement could give offence:

We love other cultures, cuisines, languages. This is what multi-culturism used to mean for me, before it was perverted into the anti-capitalist, morally-relativist, snootily-elitist creed it has become.

Here’s how I’m tempted to read this: the anti-capitalism, moral relativism and snooty elitism above refer to the voices and thoughts of those of us who created the other cultures, cuisines, and languages that are so beloved. In other words, our things are fine when they find their way into the dominant culture, but our ideas and opinions are not.

But difference isn’t just about artefacts and customs; it has to encompass difference of opinion, of reality, of ways of seeing that are shaped in profoundly different contexts from the dominant one.

It’s true that political correctness has become in many ways monolithic and absurd, often pathetic and sometimes screamingly funny (any more adjectives out there, anybody?). But when I find myself as being part of a world that’s categorized by culture, cooking and idiom, and not by thought, opinion or philosophy, I remember what the impulse to become “correct” once was.


One thought on “Multiculturalism?

  1. So multi-culturalism essentially used to mean to him being able to order sushi in Russian while watching Brazilian soap operas on satellite TV. How, erm, meaningful. No wonder all that icky stuff like human rights issues, imposed economic disparity, and the fight for political sovereignty bother him so much. Probably interfered with his digestion of those tuna rolls.

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