For some reason known only to the back of my mind (which certainly hasn’t communicated with the front) I am working once again on the first novel in the series I’ve been using NaNoWriMo to create.  This will make the fifth revision in all.  Now I’m not a stranger to revisions; I work on poems forever, frequently overworking them, and when I write plays revising five times is not at all unusual.

Novels kick my butt.  There are just too many words.

Anyhoo.  Revision under way, and I’m toying with the idea of adding the chapters to the Novels part of the site.  If anybody’s interested, drop me a note and I’ll send you a password.

Or I’ll tell you I’ve changed my mind and returned to my normal novelling sloth.


3 thoughts on “Novels

  1. I hate revising novels. There are indeed too many words, which is part of the reason why I prefer writing poetry. But I have a couple of novels sitting in my drawer and hard drive (I’ve written four in my life, but have torn up two of them). One day, I might revise them.

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