Thinking about Publishing

I think it’s time to submit stuff places.

Once upon a time, I belonged to Boot Camp Keegan, a place for writers of short stories who want or need to be trained in the art of writing and getting published.

The guy who runs it, known most widely as Alex Keegan in the virtual world, is like the Gordon Ramsay of short-storyland.  He’s as energetic and as insulting as the chef is, but the results are often worth the abuse.

Anyhow,  one of the things that you learn as part of the Keegan world is that the key to success is “read, read, read, write, write, write, submit, submit, submit”.  Makes sense.

So.  I’m thinking it’s time to submit, submit, submit.  I already do the rest.

I may let you know how it goes.

Or not.

3 thoughts on “Thinking about Publishing

  1. Please let us know! I was reading the other day how J.K.Rowling had her first few submissions of the debut Harry Potter novel rejected by both agents and publishers. So the path to a writing life starts with taking note of those who reject you and then seeing them live to regret it.

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