Poem of the Week February 7

It’s back, for a limited time only!



3 thoughts on “Poem of the Week February 7

  1. Few quick comments:

    S1 and S2 struck me as a tad flat and pedestrian compared to the rest. The piece begins for me in S3 – those first three lines in S3 are just killer!

    I find “pour down, Spirit, pour down” four times (actually eight “pour down”s) way too much – there is nothing about the sonics, the semantics or the concept that merits such unrelenting repetition, in my view.

    Also not in favor of the 1,2,3 epigraphs from Joel – they interrupt the “vision” and pace without adding much texture. A formal Joel 2 reference at the top as an epigraph might be interesting, on the other hand.

    These lines are just fantastic:

    Newspaper headlines offered no comfort.
    The Whore and the Horsemen rose against nations,
    and the love of all people grew cold.

    They were singing
    sweet hymns sharp-clapped to the night.

    Annie scrubbed three faces bright.
    Lily bowed to the pull of ribbons

    Isaiah raised his flame-voice in prayer.
    The world grew tall, leaned down,

    She returned from the meeting Christ-ridden, bright.

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