Foucault’s Pendulum

f-p.jpg old one

Eco’s, I mean. Back in print again —I’d had no idea it’d ever been out of print, to be honest. I’ve had it with me since I read it, back in the 1980s, when it was new.

It’s one of the reasons The Da Vinci Code didn’t impress me with its theories. I’d been exposed to them all, and better (no comparison!!), twenty years earlier.


f-p-2.jpg new one


5 thoughts on “Foucault’s Pendulum

  1. I’ve read this five or six times now. The last two times I understood it all. The first few I didn’t even care, it was so beautifully written and had such interesting things going on in it. I couldn’t get past the first page of the Dan Brown novel (which made me glad that I tried to at the bookstore, rather than waiting until I brought it home–saved a few bucks there.)

    I’ve recommended FP to dozens of people, but most seemed to have a lot of trouble with it.

  2. it’s a pretty worthy book and doesn’t do itself any facvours by pandering to the intellegensia out there – whihc makes people see it as pretentious etc. don’t see how it can even be referred to in the same sentence as d bworn.

    for all its size though, its trying to get across a pretty simple idea, whjich could have been done in half the time.

    beautifully written? yes. but just becasue you can write well, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop at some point as opposed to letting it all pur out for 800 pages – no need. half the writer’s skill is in leaving stuff out. shame u e is so famous noone will tell him to calm down and cut out some of the chaff

  3. “half the writer’s skill is in leaving stuff out. shame u e is so famous noone will tell him to calm down and cut out some of the chaff”

    This goes for both writers, in different ways. Brown’s book would’ve been improved by judicious cutting, as well as a good hard edit for grammar, fact, and mechanics. Half the writer’s skill is also in mastering the language.

    I don’t think Eco does much harm by pandering to the intelligentsia, any more than Brown does much harm by not. One’s a master of language, the other’s a storyteller. One’s famous and respected by people who respect words and ideas, the other’s notorious and rich as Croesus.

    I prefer Eco’s book. I couldn’t read Brown’s — he’s a consummate storyteller, but he mangles not only the language but also details in his research, most notably British titles (Sir Teebing? Since when is a baronet addressed by his surname?) I listened to it on tape.

    And I’d pick Pendulum any day.

  4. foo-COH. foo-COH. Thank-you.

    The other thing that truly and royally sucks in Dan Brown’s novel, to the point of being laughable, is the dialogue. Heee. Umberto has Dan beat hands down there too.

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