On James Cameron, Jesus and Bodies

I’ve already posted about this, but here’s a fuller consideration.

In 2001 Antonio Banderas starred in a film called “The Body”. He played a priest. As incredible as that sounds, it gets even better. This priest has been sent by the Vatican to Israel to investigate something. Apparently, in a suburban Israeli neighborhood, a tomb and stone casket containing bones has been found. The tomb is marked in such a way that it is believed to be the Tomb of Jesus. Everybody panics, romances ensue, suicides happen, terrorists arrive etc. etc. It was a well-told piece of Hollywood fiction. It never suggested it was anything but fiction. I quite liked it, but the film didn’t get a lot of popular attention.

However, one wonders if James Cameron has seen it. For truly, his latest exploit sounds like a cross between The DaVinci Codes and The Body. James Cameron, for those who have not yet managed to hear the news, has produced a documentary which will be shown Sunday on the Discovery channel. In this documentary he claims that the grave of Jesus, Mary Magdalen and their son has been found in a suburban Israeli neighborhood. (However they do not have the bones, as those had to be returned to earth according to Israel’s law.)

Mata H, Blogher.org


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