A little note on plagiarism

It’s interesting to me that the top posts listed along the side include some of my meditations on works of literature.

I find it hard to believe that I am that brilliant, or that my posts are that interesting. No. Rather, having been both a teacher and a college lecturer, I am more than familiar with the deep desire to “succeed” on the part of young people who have the temerity to call themselves students. Far too many of them seem to believe that the pinnacle of learning is operating The Google.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the reasons that the posts on Eliot and Fitzgerald have staying power is that “students” are searching the web for references to these works of literature. I have no doubt that some of my words have ended up in essays somewhere. I hope fervently that the people marking those essays are astute enough to notice, and ballsy enough to penalize.

Plagiarism is alive and well; of that I have no doubt. And it’s oddly flattering to think that people might want to plagiarize what I’ve written here on my blog. If you are one of those word-thieves, however, be assured of this. As soon as I figure out how to link this site to one which provides your teachers with information about the sources of your plagiarism, I’m going to do so.

I just wish I could watch you go down in flames.


3 thoughts on “A little note on plagiarism

  1. My college used TurnItIn, and it seemed to work pretty well.

    And at the risk of irritation, what color is “TurnItIn”? (ok, that’s probably the last one. Also, besides asking what color certain words are, what kinds of questions irritate you the most?

    Dig your bloggity-blog. I’m going to take that Grammar Snob test during my lunch break. I don’t know if I’ll hit the 99th percentile, but I’m guessing my score won’t be low. My dad corrected my grammar constantly, and I hated it, so what did I do? Major in English, of course. Now I correct him.

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