Published Poems (1)

Now by that I mean poems that have been recently published, in webzines that I am learning to trust (trust being in short supply with me). I was trawling through the Shit Creek Review and Umbrella, primarily because I trust the judgement of several of the people who seem to admire them (Rob, Julie, Nic), and got stopped by some things.

So I decided that from time to time I’ll post links to the poems that I admired in these publications. Not being in an inventive frame of mind at the moment, I’ll just call the posts “Published Poems”.

I know. Send me a medal for originality.

First set: Nigel Holt’s poems in the Spring 2007 issue of Umbrella.


The sight of slaughter makes you want to retch:
the rip of knife on throat; the stink of blood;
the frothing horse’s stagger, its heavy thud;
the whicker on the lips of every wretch
beheaded in Iraq.

“Homage to Catamenia”

A lonely heart, so sad, but true, alone
upon the dish. I loved him: as he did me.
For as the knife struck home, his moan
of pain poured out; a sangaree
more delicate than flowers, a draught
of passing loveliness, his final gift.

“Heilige Totschlag”


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