We hit 5,000 overnight

I shall release my books in the morning.


5 thoughts on “We hit 5,000 overnight

  1. Morning didn’t quite work.

    Had a good reason, though. We are blessed this year with the presence of Caribbean greats. Lovelace was here at the begnning at the month; but Lamming is here this weekend.

    I had to attend a panel presentation on the Abolition of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade yesterday morning, at which Lamming would be in attendance.

    I left late, and fought Friday morning traffic, which is horrendous.

    On the way, my car was hit by a truck.

    Sounds worse than it was. All that happened was a nasty black mark along the white side of the car, and the rebending of a tiny side of the door frame. Nothing serious, but enough to shake me up. I went on to the panel discussion, and forgot about the books.

    They are all released into the wild, though, today, at the Starbucks arguably nearest to me.

    Let’s see where, and if, they travel.

  2. Sorry about your accident; I got rear-ended a couple of weeks ago myself and had to have my muffler system and rear bumper cover replaced. Glad you weren’t hurt. That will easily induce forgetting about things like captive book releases, sure enough.

    I’ll have to see if I can’t do a release here (somewhere other than the women’s rest room of a gas station).

  3. I went into a women’s rest room at a gas station once. Never, ever again. I thought guys came up with foul bathroom graffitti; we can’t hold a candle to what the fair sex comes up with.

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