Bahamas Elections

Over on Surroundings, Rob details the outcome of the Scottish elections, which were historic.

The Bahamian elections, which took place the day before the Scottish ones, were also historic. For the first time, a government has been ousted after a single term, and in the middle of an economic boom, with better times yet to come. The question appeared to be one of leadership, primarily. The popular vote was very close. The voter turnout was extremely high. For anybody who’s interested, I’m posting the numbers below, just to mark the occasion.

Votes Cast

Total Registered Voters: 150743
Total Votes Cast: 137578
Percentage: 91.27%

Popular Vote by Party

BDM 1186 0.86%
IND 3208 2.33%
PLP 64684 47.02%
FNM 68500 49.79%

Difference between winners: 3816 2.77%

Total Seats

FNM 23 56.1%
PLP 18 43.9%

Difference: 5 12.2%

For people who want to know, we have a parliamentary democracy based on the Westminster system. We have a House of Assembly with elected seats, and a Senate with appointed seats. There are sixteen senators, with set ratios between the governing party and the opposition. This is the first relatively balanced House of Assembly we have seen elected since independence in 1973.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


One thought on “Bahamas Elections

  1. And the truly sad thing is, we will be burdened with a National Health Care System, which would have been true had the other side been elected.

    We are in dire need of a truly conservative Party, since both of our current Parties are fair-to-middling liberal: PLP and PLP Lite (or FNM).

    Moreover, the leaders of both Parties are Pindling disciples: his principles still rule from the grave. Who will deliver us? I see no one on either side of the aisle that makes my toes tingle.

    I asked a (prominent) lawyer friend why he didn’t run. His response: “I thought you were my friend, Zonk.” I won’t get off on a rant here, but the current system of voting for someone because he will give you a job has to go.

    Why don’t you run? 😛 I’ll vote for you, in whatever constituency you run in. We do that sort of thing here, voting in multiple constituencies, it’s a tradition.

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