More on the Reading

which is scheduled for Tuesday night, the evening before I travel again, this time to Trinidad again, for another meeting.

Following some of the advice offered here, I thought I’d read some very old stuff, pre-internet, pre-dry spell (I didn’t write new poetry for 12 or 13 years, wrote plays instead, and just fiddled with old stuff), then talk a bit about writing and change, maybe read a bit of prose (if it’s short enough, and there’s time), then some of the contemporary work, and end on Lily.

Grateful for comments. And who knows? I may post soundbites, if I’m not too lazy.


10 thoughts on “More on the Reading

  1. Well, it’s tonight, and I don’t know exactly what I’m going to read. I’ve printed out all that’s fit to print (and some that isn’t) and will fly by the seat of something later.

    *deep sigh*

    I’ll let you know how it goes.

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