Harry Potter, Harry Potter (2)

Now I know this isn’t the time to be making predictions about the ending, given the fact that it’s already Out There on the net, and spoilers are being posted as I speak, and given the fact that by publishing this can make me look stupid. But I’m going to predict anyway.

I don’t subscribe to the idea that Harry’s going to be killed in the final book. (Or that he has been killed, more to the point!) Rowling has spent a whole three books creating and putting together a prophecy that has a dual meaning — that refers to two boys born on the same day under the same circumstances. This is why I think that reducing the Longbottom story to a footnote in the latest film was a mistake. Somebody’s going to die in the final conflict. I don’t think it’s going to be Harry; I think it’s going to be Neville.

The final conflict is going to have to bring three people together, not two. Both Neville and Harry are going to face Voldemort. According to the prophecy, neither Voldemort nor the boy-who-lived can survive if the other lives; one will have to kill the other. I think that Harry will kill Voldemort. I may be wrong; but that means that Neville will face Voldemort, and die.

If I’m wrong, though, it suggests to me that Voldemort will be killed by Neville Longbottom, the overlooked, the underestimated, and the one with the most stubborn courage of all. That would be the unexpected way to go, but it’ll be a cheap out, I think.

That’s my prediction. When you find out if I’m right or wrong, don’t tell me. I’ll read the ending for myself when my book arrives, thank you very much.

I just wish it were coming by owl. It’d be faster than the post.