Big Cosmic Question

So what does one do when one has finished reading Harry Potter?  The whole thing?  Does one go back and start again?

If I told you the truth, it would be that I really don’t enjoy the first three books.  Especially the first two.  My lack of enjoyment might have something to do with the fact that I first read the books in their North American versions, beginning with that awful, awful choice of “Sorceror’s”, not “Philosopher’s” Stone.  I spent the whole time reading the first book trying to decode the British from the American (which is why now I order from the UK).  But also I found the first two/three books light, unlayered.  Azkabhan was an improvement, but for me the series didn’t come into its own till Goblet of Fire.

I do like the movies, though, especially the first three.  Especially the third – Cuaron’s version.  So perhaps I should re-watch 1-3 and reread the rest.



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