Closing in on 10,000

Now I know this is a pretty dinky number of hits as blogs go, but it’s important to me. Specially as it’s counting the people who’ve hit the WordPress blog alone, not the Blogger one before it.

So I think that I’m going to do something special to recognize the number of hits when it comes around. Don’t know what yet. I’ll keep you posted out there.


5 thoughts on “Closing in on 10,000

  1. Heya, Scavella! You’ve been on my mind as hurricane season is here – hope you get by this season without any major weather catastrophies!!! ballooning, eh? nah, too much hot air to worry about…. 😉 A carnival would be much more fun! (and there’s never a shortage of clowns, it seems!) and hey, you can sneak in the balloons that way – the clowns can do balloon tricks. or whatever. heh.

  2. Thanks, Cookie.

    Dean formed further south in the Atlantic, where historically it’s more common for hurricanes to form (every 30-60 years, there’s a spate — a decade or so — of North Atlantic hurricanes that give the Caribbean a break and smash into The Bahamas, Bermuda, the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida). I’m guessing that that cycle is coming to an end (it began in 1992 with Andrew), though with global warming etc it’s been longer and more powerful than it has been in the past. The last really bad spate in The Bahamas was the 1920s and 1930s, and then we went along for almost two generations without the kind of storms we got over the past fifteen years.

    That said (and it’s only a suspicion on my part and I could be horribly, horribly wrong), thanks for the good wishes.

    A carnival? Interesting thought. What kind of a carnival, you think? Let’s see if we can come up with a real blog carnival for Scavella’s Blogsphere’s decamillennium.

    Ideas welcome.

  3. Yes! A carnival!

    Theme 1 – a fun house with all those mirrors and silly frights, and we have to have a freak show…clowns, of course, and lions and tigers and bears (oh, my!) and fire eaters and balloons and cotton candy and funky jukebox/organ grinder/pipe organ type music for atmosphere. and an arcade! shoot the duckies and get, what else, a stuffed animal. heh. such fun to be

    Theme 2) or, we could have a Caribbean style carnivale – I’m thinking Mardi Gras atmosphere and outrageous parades of costumes, and dancing (I can hear steel drums) in the streets and jerk chicken (I LOVE jerk chicken!) and lots of other Caribbean/Bahamian food specialties. and to wash them down, all kinds of Rum concoctions. yum. I’m hungry now…

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