NaNo 2007 (aka ScaNoWriSea)

Yes, I know.  It’s September, not November, so why on earth am I writing about NaNo already?

Well, for two reasons.

1)  I’m teaching this semester, and Howard and others who have done that know what THAT means.

2)  I’m not ready again to start another book.  I’ve got another one on the way (2 chapters in) and NaNo requires one to start afresh.

But I need to draft this book.  So here’s the thing.  Between now and December I plan to write about 80,000 words (i.e. finish a draft).  So let’s call this ScaNoWriSea (Scavella’s Novel Writing Season) and leave it at that.

I also have another 750 words or so to go in the Blank Verse challenge.  Don’t think I’ve forgotten for one minute.


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