LRB | Anne Enright : Diary

LRB | Anne Enright : Diary

I still believe in God, in some reluctant, furtive part of me. I’m not proud of it. I understand atheists, who are averse to religious people as they might be averse to fat people, as being actually quite dangerous in their weakness. So I am weak (and slightly fat, indeed) and a bit too ethnic, if it comes down to it. I just won’t shape up and become a proper person who believes in nothing at all.

Meanwhile, my daughter is in thrall to the sublime and my son ‘loves Jesus more than Santa Claus’. I have no interest in applying a bracing dose of reason to their credulity: I just don’t feel like pointing out the error of their ways. It is already clear that belief is something they claim as a personal possession, one that they will defend if I try to take it away. This is something akin to sexuality. It is, already, none of my business.

I spent two years in an English class with this woman.  We always knew she’d be great.

Thanks, Harry, for pointing me to this.

Thanks, Anne.  Salut.


One thought on “LRB | Anne Enright : Diary

  1. Tell Anne her comments about the McCann family were cruel and evil. I could make the unkindest comment about her but I am not so cruel. I am sure she knows what I refer to.

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