In your honour

In honour of the 10,000th visitor, that is.  I’ve changed the look and feel of this site.  I like it!  Hope the feeling’s mutual.

So the question is this:  who was the thousandth?  I figure it was either Scotty or Howard.  Congrats, guys!

Now, Cookie once said something about a carnival.  Well, there are a whole lot of them out there.  I’m gonna have to go think.  A carnival of what?  Blank verse?  I haven’t written much of that lately, but I have  only 750 lines of it to go.

So have at it.  A carnival of blank verse!



3 thoughts on “In your honour

  1. It’s a clean look and easy to read, that’s for sure. Me or Howard, eh? Well, my Mum always taught me to share so, Howard, step into the limelight and take a bow with me. 🙂

    Have at it? *groan* I haven’t written anything worth much in ages but on the up side, I did recently purchase a couple of books at auction, a 1916 copy of Milton’s Poems (with a genuine calf-skin cover, no less)and an 1899 copy of Elizabeth Browning poems, leather-bound with gold, gilt-edge pages. Woo-hoo! At a reasonable price too, I might add, since I don’t think the seller was a poetry lover.

  2. *bowing in concert with Scotty*

    I like the crisp tropical-looking color scheme, blue sky and sea, green vegetation, and white sands. Which reminds me: How’s Carifest X shaping up? I had actually hoped I’d be in a position to attend, but it looks at the moment as if that’s going to be sadly unlikely.

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