1000 Lines of BV: Naming, Parts, Things

Naming, Parts, Things


… it’s been a while …


3 thoughts on “1000 Lines of BV: Naming, Parts, Things

  1. “the words we spin
    to tame the world, to water down the dust
    that whirls in winds, that mounts the air to claim
    the breath we breathe, to pin our tails on us.”

    I get lost in the syntax here; it’s a bit tricky to see exactly what a couple of modifiers refer to. I’m reasonably sure “that mounts the air” refers back to “dust” (especially as it seems unlikely to refer back to “world”), but I’m fairly lost with “to pin our tails on us.”

    And “the firing squad of life” needs to have “of life” chopped off and disposed of.

    I think the idea’s great (not least because “Naming of Parts” is one of my favorite war poems and I like the way you play off that poem), and I absolutely love “Our names are dice we cast.” I wonder if that couldn’t become the basis of an entire poem in its own right. Just a random thought.

    With a bit of tinkering and shortening, you’d have a perfectly acceptable blank verse sonnet. If you wanted one.

  2. Thanks, H. Good thoughts, all of them. I will tweak — I did think about a bv sonnet after I stopped writing.

    When I started, though, I was thinking of a rather longer meditation on names and naming, hoping to be able to touch on things like how the melancholy of the 19th century became depression in the 20th and is now being touted as bipolar disorder, or how being particular and perfectionist is now another named disorder, and how these names are all most useful to the drug companies who push “healing” drugs on us but can’t stave off death.

    Something like that.

    I’m gonna see.

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