A ClustrMaps Update


For a whole year now, I’ve been happily using the services of ClustrMaps to give readers (and myself) some idea of where the readers of this blog hail from.

It’s actually been longer, but since I moved blogs in that time, the counter reverted to zero when I came to WordPress.com. It’s been a whole year since then.

I received a notice that ClustrMaps is going to archive this year’s map. What that means, as they explain it, is this:

I see a note saying “This map was (or will be) archived”, or I’ve noticed that my lovely dots are gone. What does this mean?

This notification (and the sudden disappearance of dots) means that a regular (normally yearly) archive has either just occurred or is imminent … Your old thumbnail maps (or bigger maps for ClustrMaps+ users) will remain available in a stored archive

Explanation: Maps get archived at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, or yearly) … By default, archives happens yearly.

Naturally, people always like to have ever-more-dots, but the regular archive is the only way we can avoid having the maps turn into a ‘giant red smear’, and continue delivering the scalable service that everyone has come to expect.

So, faithful readers, prepare for the map in my sidebar to reset itself to zero, or some little number, as of roughly December 2, 2007.

For those people who want to know where we were on December 1, 2007, click on the thumbnail at the top of this post. It’ll take you to the big map, so you can see what kind of dots I had back then. (Actually, I grabbed the image on November 28, to be absolutely accurate — but I didn’t expect a huge amount of change in three days, I let it go.)

For those of you who want a bigger little image, here it is.


Visitor Locations 27-11-07

(Note: I use the British/Commonwealth date abbreviation. It makes more sense to me. Day-month-year provides a progression, rather than the (forgive me) rather silly month-day-year the Americans favour.

Seriously. If you want to let us know what month it is first, why not do it the Asian way – year-month-day???

I mean.)


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