Well, it wasn’t myself I was googling, but a poem of mine, one I’ve been working for the past 5 years. Not that it’s the most difficult poem to get right, but it hasn’t come right quite yet. It’s undergone all kinds of revision, and has been submitted in a couple of forms (it’s out for consideration as we speak), and sometimes I’m happy with it and sometimes I’m not.

It’s this one.

I found a version of it here, posted on a site I didn’t know existed, and wouldn’t have cared to go on if I did know. It’s in a thread that carries on a conversation of poems that link with one another, rather like PFFA’s Connect the Poem threads (I and II). I was strangely flattered to see a version of the poem there. Flattered, and not too worried; there are several versions of the poem on the web, and as it isn’t finished yet, there may be more before I’m done. So to whomever considers it for publication: be warned. Part II of this post continues the work on the poem.

This is what happened to it the last time it was workshopped at PFFA (it was worked at the Gaz after, but that archive has since been dumped).

This is its latest incarnation:*poem removed*


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