Junkanoo time again

A taste of Junkanoo

This is something I don’t write about much on this blog, reserving the most patriotic of my stuff for my other blog, the one with my Real Name. Why, I don’t rightly know, but I do know that I have a kind of divide in my brain and in my blogging. Some of my stuff is political (in the global sense), local, and sometimes controversial; I’m rooted in my culture and my society and Blogworld is where that surfaces. Here, though, I get to express my creative, individual, personal, anonymous side.

Junkanoo belongs to my public side.

It’s also deeply embedded in the private me, as I first rushed (participated) when I was seven, going to Junkanoo with my brother and cousin-brothers. I blew a whistle and when I got tired (which was quick) I rode on the shoulders of my uncle, who is six-four and a big man.

And so here’s a little bit about Junkanoo — in video form, for your viewing pleasure
. I could share some pretty dreadful poetry with you too, but I don’t think I will. Dreadful isn’t the word, I’m afraid.

Hooray for YouTube!

Sperit Scrap Group




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