About Submitting Poems

Other people do it. I do, sometimes. I submit stuff, sometimes. Not a bad acceptance rate. I’m picky about what and where I submit.

So I’m thinking about submitting more stuff more places. Been doing a tiny bit of research. Found this interesting:


I agree poetry should improve the bare page — or the bare screen, in most of the cases I’m familiar with these days. (Is there such a thing as a bare screen?) Three problems, though.

  1. Be sure you read contemporary poetry.”
  2. “Posting drafts to an online workshop or blog is not previously published provided they’re removed prior to submission.”
  3. “Anything the editor can Google is previously published.”

Hm. Pretty well everything I consider worth publishing has been workshopped online, and not all workshops purge.

Ah well. I’ll just go ahead and delete whatever it is I choose to submit to Anti-.

In the meantime I have to go think about what I’m against in poetry. How would I know? Do I think about it enough? Is it even remarkable? I’m against unnecessary pretentiousness, but am not against denseness. I’m against sloppiness and too much self-obsession, but who isn’t? I’m against silly forms for forms’ sake, but like formal poetry when it’s really well done (which it rarely is these days). What else?

I dunno. What are you against, my reader(s)?

7 thoughts on “About Submitting Poems

  1. I appreciate work that makes me see sensuality in a new way and I don’t mind being jerked free of prejudices, but I am irritated by edgy poetry that’s written only with edginess in mind.

  2. Hi Scavella:

    Sorry I wasn’t aware of this post earlier. I think workshops not purging old posts is a terrible idea, which was one of two key reasons I quit posting at PFFA long ago. I think you’ll find me much more accommodating of online workshopping than a lot of editors.


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