Happy New Year from the Mute and Stuffy

All right, I know I’m late.   But you have to understand; New Year’s Day for many Nassauvians is spent far away from the internet and from WiFi.  Many of us are downtown on Bay and Shirley Streets (these are the main drags) attending the New Year’s Day Junkanoo parade.  And if you know Junkanoo at all, it lasts for twelve hours.

This year was no exception for me.  I left early on Boxing Day (sometime after 5 a.m. — the parade started at midnight), which meant I missed the rain, which came round 7.  But yesterday — I was going to say two days ago, because it was two sleeps ago, but it was only yesterday — I stayed, doing my duty for my *-ing Job, until after the sun came up.  I got home with daylight, and went to sleep.  Got up at noon, and opened my mouth to say good morning to the man I married — and whispered like the wind.  

Well, fine.  I’ve been getting “sick” since last Friday.  You know.  The kind of sick you can usually deal with — stuffy nose, sore throat, your typical cold.  I’ve been taking it easy.  I even planned not to go to Junkanoo if I thought I was too ill.  Obviously I didn’t think that, because down I went — and voilà.  No voice.  

Forget the frog.  It’s like my voicebox has gone and died.   

The things I do for my Job.  

The things I do for my country.  

Happy New Year.

In the meantime, here’s some (poor-quality) footage to prove I was there: 

Roots Girls Passing   


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