People who have been following this blog long enough know that I have a love affair with February.

Yep, that’s right.

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that I live in a country where winter’s the good season and summer’s the one you want to avoid.

Why February? Well, maybe because it’s so short, and that adds to the mystique. But also because the sun’s returning from the south and here, in this sub-tropical location, that fact does make a difference. The days are getting long enough for people who are sentenced to work 9-5 can leave work in the light (though, depending on where they’re going, may still arrive home in the dark). And the light, like the light in September, is just gorgeous. The shadows still filter out the worst of the sun. But unlike September, the air is cool and the sky is usually clear, and the sea is absolutely gorgeous.

Here’s where I’m sitting this morning, har-di-har har:


I’m sitting right where the guy with the hose is.

We’ve got a sprinkler going for our new (imported-from-America) grass, and the birds — a bunch of jays — are swooping through the water as though they’re auditioning for Fantasia.  Yesterday there were blue jays — the right sorts of birds for my seven-month-old nephew, who was born in Montreal while my brother attends university to get his doctorate.

There’s an old poem I wrote in February (but I say it’s March, because I revised it in March) that I wanted to post but I can’t find it anywhere.  When I do, I’ll edit it in.


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