George R. R. Martin

I ordered A Game of Thrones,  A Clash of Kings, and A Storm of Swords back, oh, years ago, when I was ordering books like crazy.  We’d just come back from Canada and for some reason I have yet to explain I seemed to imagine my bookshelves were lonely and needed company. 

All three arrived.  The size of them daunted me.  I skipped through them, reading bits and pieces, and put them aside for a time when I’d have Time to read them. 

Then I discovered the iPod and audiobooks.

I have since finished A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings.  After I finish A Storm of Swords I’ll just have A Feast for Crows left, and then …

I’ll be cast into outer darkness like the rest of the Martin fans, waiting for #5 to finish. I seem to remember Julie reading the books.  Stick with them, Julie!  Things aren’t as awful as they seem! They do get really bleak well into Book II, but I’m deep into Book III, and there have been some high points.  Well, stones above streams are high points when there are channels running between them. 

Suffice to say I’m a fan. 


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